Measurement Guide

Measuring is a simple process but needs to be accurate as possible. Here is a guide if you are unsure how to accurately measure yourself.

Measurements are taken with a cloth or vinyl measuring tape. If you do not own one...use a piece of ribbon or piece of string...anything flexible...as long as it does not stretch ( for example yarn does stretch and would not give accurate measurements)

Place it around the point to be measured...mark the length with your finger...then measure the string on a yardstick.

You will need someone to help with letters E, A-C and A-D. For a proper fit please do not take measurements over bulky clothing. A snug fitting top or underwear would work best.

Please use the chart below (scroll down) as a guide. Please be sure the measurements are taken snug...not tight.

  • A: Neck Measurement
  • B: Bust Measurement (at largest point)
  • C: Waist Measurement
  • D: Hip Measurement
  • E: Arm Length (Notice that hand is placed on hip then measurement is taken)
  • A-C: Back Length (From base of neck to waistline)
  • A-D: Finished Length (From base of neck to hip line)
  • Need more info? Email us and we will try to help out with what we can.

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