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We've located some REAL HIGH quality fabrics that have withstood the abuse from our performers and still sparkle,shine and have held their shape!!



Specialty fabrics must be purchased in bulk. Awesome hologram, sparkly, glitzy stretch fabrics started rolling through the doors. Costumes were being made right and left, but there was excess fabric due to bulk purchasing to be able to get one of a kind outstanding fabrics. We had done some plain black swarovski crystalled slinkies in the past and decided it was time to broaden our horizons and share some of our limited quantity fabrics with the equestrian and dance world. We started designing our own horsemanship shirts. Quality and comfort is a priority!! Some of our designs have been copied, but to us that is a compliment. It means they are good enough to copy. We will always have our ourstanding fabrics though, which can't be beat!

Our biggest seller has been- Horsemanship or Showmanship shirts which are custom crafted of the highest quality materials, and are individually hand-made by skilled craft-persons. Each SLINKY or JACKET is individually created to be a perfect garment for those who want to be a WINNER in their event!

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We are working on getting some of our dance costumes on the site to sell very soon.

Email us at designsforwinners@gmail com if you have any questions or special requests.

Need more info? Email us and we will try to help out with what we can.


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